Classic Blues Songs from the 1920's CD Volume 17
Now Shrink-Wrapped & Jewel-Cased!

Classic Blues Songs
From the 1920's CD
(Vol. 17) $9.95 + S/H

Track Listings:
(1) Got The Blues • B.B. King
(2) Blood Thirsty Blues • Victoria Spivey
(3) Baby Keeps Stealing Lovin' On Me • Mississippi Sheiks
(4) Howling Tom Cat Blues • Bo Carter
(5) Days Is Lonesome • Texas Alexander with the Mississippi Sheiks 
(6) Ain't Gonna Stand For That • Charlie Spand
(7) I’m Gonna Move To  Louisiana – Part 1 and Part 2 • Jim Jackson 
(8) Ashley St. Blues • Leola B. Wilson with Blind Blake
(9) Bad Luck Blues • Blind Lemon Jefferson
(10) She’s Making Whoopee In Hell Tonight • Lonnie Johnson
(11) Shave ’Em Dry • Bessie Jackson
(12) Read Your A B C’s • Mississippi Sarah and Daddy Stovepipe
(13) Life Is A Cheater – Irma Records Demo [Unreleased] • Juke Boy Barner
(14) Life Is A Cheater – Music City Records Demo [Unreleased] • Juke Boy Barner
I Got Hip To It – Irma Records Demo [Unreleased] • Juke Boy Barner
(16) Tillie Lee • William Moore
(17) Dying Blues • Leola B. Wilson with Blind Blake
(18) Come On Babe • Blues Boy Bill
(19) Little Boy Blue • Blues Boy Bill
(20) It’s Hard Time • Joe Stone
(21) Back Door Blues • Joe Stone
(22) Back To Mississippi • Mississippi Sheiks

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