Classic Blues Songs from the 1920's CD Volume 16
Now Shrink-Wrapped & Jewel-Cased!

Classic Blues Songs
From the 1920's CD
(Vol. 16) $9.95 + S/H

Track Listings:
(1) Winding Ball MamaPapa George Lightfoot
(2) Piney Woods Money MamaBlind Lemon Jefferson
(3) Love Sick BluesJim Jackson
(4) Ma Rainey • Memphis Minnie
(5) Too Tight Blues No. 2Blind Blake
(6) Jumping On The Hill – Test [Unreleased]The Beale Street Sheiks
(7) Black Biting Bee BluesLeola B. Wilson with Blind Blake
(8) Coon Can BluesDad Nelson
(9) Ash Tray Blues • Papa Charlie Jackson
(10) Oh DeathCharley Patton
(11) My Grey PonyJoe Williams
(12) Christians Fight On, Your Time Ain’t LongSam Butler
(13) Heaven Is My ViewSam Butler
(14) Snake Hipping DaddyPapa George Lightfoot
(15) Low Down Mojo BluesBlind Lemon Jefferson
(16) Walking BluesRaymond Barrow
(17) Troubled ’Bout My MotherCharley Patton
(18) Don’t Speak To MeLottie Kimbrough
(19) Got The Blues About Rome • Otto Virgial
(20) Seven Year ItchOtto Virgial
(21) Indian Squaw BluesFreezone
(22) I’m A Roamin’ GamblerWilliam Harris
(23) I Was Born In The Country— Raised In TownWilliam Harris

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