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The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

2 CD’s! 54 page booklet!
Comes in an oversized
DVD digipack format (a Yazoo release)

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• The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of is a double CD packaged in a beautiful DVD-size digi-pac containing 46 of the rarest and greatest Blues and Country 78’s from the 1920’s and early 30’s. Included are two newly discovered masterpieces by legendary Blues figure Son House – “Mississippi County Farm Blues” and “Clarksdale Moan.” These have never been heard before and will generate tremendous interest among all Blues fans.

• Country enthusiasts will be excited to hear the long lost, often believed never issued, Georgia Pot Lickers record, both sides featuring duet fiddling by all time greats Lowe Sokes and A. A. Gray. And these are just the beginning of a lineup of super rarities and unissued gems. Many of the tracks, like Luke Jordan’s “If I Call You,” have never been heard even by the most advanced collectors, thus imbuing this release with loads of charisma and cachet.

• Striking cover art by legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb! Inside the larger format package is a booklet insert with extensive graphic and notes, including a hilarious exposé on the lunacy of collecting.

• Features super rarities, many never before heard, by giant figures in early American rural music like Andrew and Jim Baxter, Sweet Brother, Jay Bird Coleman, Clarence Ashley, Tommy Johnson, Dock Boggs, Memphis Jug Band, Allen Brothers and many, many more.


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The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

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